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Our study of the financial objectives, fund size, and strategies of the investors and provide proper commercial advice. Extensive on-the- ground price surveys are conducted and negotiations of price and terms are performed on client’s behalf. Our extensive property search helps in evaluating several investment.

The opportunities. In addition to focusing on the ethical risks are mitigated by Personality return on investments of our clients. Profiling and background checks. Our team is involved in the deal from the initial facilitate the financial aspects of a stages of pre-acquisition, performing research to transaction by arranging for private equity funds, define the investment landscape, preparing the loans, financing and real estate lending support. feasibility analysis, cost/revenue projections, fair- Distressed properties and mortgage settlement price estimations, target price calculations, and also create opportunities for our investors. Also, risk/ mitigation analysis. leveraging our commercial advisory, we are in a position to bring investors to Realty Funds.


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